Monday, November 16, 2009

Now for some gas station coffee...

I had to make a medicine run for my sick partner and I figured I would stop at the Circle K on Hillsborough & Orient Rd to grab a coffee. First, price was very reasonable- I got a 16oz hot coffee for $1.59. Coffee brand was Signature Cup Cafe Angelica Hazelnut (I love hazelnut- you'll find a pattern with me). As for the coffee? weak. I swear I could chug it and barely get a caffeine high. As I finished the coffee I think i've determined it might be a combination of weak coffee and lousy water. I expect a slight jitter after I finish 16oz of coffee- not so much with this one.


  1. hey we have a dunkin at hess, you should stop by, the lady who owns it, Miss Z, she makes some of the best i've had :)

  2. Niki-
    You're on! Let me know the next time you're working and I'll stop by :)